Dear Mr Marin

Oh how I've missed you.

You sound like really gay in your original letter. "Once the new world has risen to existence"? Really? You sound like a dweeb picking a fight in the playground.

Unfortunately, you sound like a dweeb picking a fight in the playground with a bully.

I imagine that, in real life, you are the dweeb on the playground. You don't exactly strike me as someone who has 'friends'.

I mean, c'mon, "meeting you in the battlefied". Gimme a break. Project Terra is nerdy enough without you gaying it up.

But onto your main point, if you think I give a shit about who you declare war on in the game, then you're wrong.

Silly little white boy thinks he's black

You can drop the bass, but not your ball sack

So try and sing, rap and rhyme - all eyes are on you

You're a fucked up little boy who smells like poo poo.

Best wishes, TerraLeaker

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